Do you need help in putting your Projects together? or have conflicting thoughts about Processes on your Projects?

You are in the right place. At Daydah, we tutor you on what way to go with our management tools.

Contact us for one!

Working at Daydah can be all fun and exciting.

We continually look for people who are positive, creative, can demonstrate that they are good at learning and can work as part of a team. 

Often times, we put out adverts for roles as:

Senior Developer;

Junior Developer;

Senior Intern;

Junior Intern;


Available roles are advertised as the need arises.

Daydah Virtual Interns (DVI) is an upcoming service been developed for Telecommunication Engineers, flash programmers, online market consultants, business developers, developers designers, 3D Animators, database specialist, mobile application developers and web application developers / secretaries (CMS for Secretaries) who have skills in Joomla technology and are ready to be contacted based on what they can offer to our community based on jobs available.

Job Categories:

  • Beginners 
  • Intermediate
  • Expert 

Interested interns register through our website and are granted access to our online community, where they can get listed or make themselves available for jobs in that category.

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